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Genius is made, not born.

Here at GenieUs Malaysia, we believe that everyone can be a genius if they strive hard.

Founded in February 2020, Genie represents the Genieus Vision, symbolizing that your wishes for your academics will always be granted if you put in the work to improve and succeed. 

To ensure that Genieus Malaysia provides you with A-Level Resources of the highest quality, we also work alongside experienced and prestigious A-level lecturers to sell their compiled and original papers.

Image by Alexander Shatov
Genieus Hub
  • YouTube

An innovative YouTube channel with more than 1.2k subscribers which aims to provide free A-level education
and the extra push for A-level students to achieve their desired grades and
universities. With experienced lecturers and current University students, Genieus Hub produces the best quality videos and content.

Image by Sigmund
Genieus Mart
  • 5163271

Launched Genieus Mart in October 2020 to enable customers to purchase their desired books with only a few clicks in order to improve their shopping experiences.

Here are a few milestones:

April 2020: Sold 1000 books

June 2021 - 5000 books

Image by Tim Marshall

Launched Genieus Care in January 2021. It is an initiative of Genieus Malaysia to provide free resources to underprivileged students and help students who are facing difficulties with
their education, especially throughout the COVID Pandemic. 

Contact our Admins to apply! 

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