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Your journey to earn RM1000 / month starts with Genieus.

This is your chance to obtain experience to bolster your CV, receive free marketing training and expand your network. 


Oh, and you get paid.

Professional Recognition

Receive a Certificate of Appreciation at the end of Ambassadorship and upon request, obtain a Letter of Recommendation by Genieus (a SSM registered company) to bolster your CV.

Exclusive Rebates

As Genieus' College Ambassadors, you are eligible to receive exclusive discounts when purchasing Genieus' products. These discounts are separate from your earned commissions.

High Earning Potential

Earning is completely based on your efforts in referring customers to Genieus. Considerably light workload as promotional materials are all provided by Genieus Team.

Free Marketing Training

Genieus pairs each College Ambassadors with personal consultants with more than 3 years of marketing experience in order to provide proper marketing training to the Ambassadors.

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